Through her leadership, Mary has inspired generations of advanced practice nurses and others with her “I won’t back down” spirit. Her commitment to ensuring that all patients have access to the providers and the healthcare experiences of their choice was matched by her dedication to ensuring that advanced practice nurses have access to meaningful and valued careers. Below you will learn more about Mary’s incredible journey as a healthcare leader. 

Mary Bidgood-Wilson built an award-winning career as an executive in the healthcare industry by developing a unique understanding of the intersection of medicine and business. An experienced nurse practitioner and midwife, she has combined her medical training with her entrepreneurial skills and policy expertise to own and operate healthcare facilities in New Hampshire and to advise public officials on matters ranging from the care of patients to the credentialing of state-licensed medical providers. 

A pioneer in the nurse practitioner field, Bidgood-Wilson was selected in 2011 as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association, an advocacy role for which she has been heralded as a transformational leader, strengthening the position of advanced practice nursing throughout the state. Under her direction, the non-profit association rebuilt its financial portfolio and significantly increased its membership. Because she prioritized the recruitment and mentoring of younger members, the association is now recognized as the voice of nurse practitioners and a leader in health care policy in the state.

Sought out to serve on advisory committees of the New Hampshire Endowment for Health, the State Health Department’s Maternal and Child Health Advisory Committee, and the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, Bidgood-Wilson is in demand as an author and speaker for her command of the intricacies of state and federal regulations and government reimbursement policies. As the former national committee chairperson of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, she helped facilitate legislation for more equitable Medicaid reimbursement. In NH she led the political legislation for third-party reimbursement. She was known to refer to third-party reimbursement as her 4th child!

Mary-Bidgood Wilson’s expertise in both patient care and sound fiscal management springs from her deep experience as a healthcare provider and small business owner. She founded Moultonborough Family Health Care in 1992 and merged with Lakes Region Healthcare in 1994. She continued with this primary care office as its principal provider until her retirement. In the practice’s new relationship, Bidgood-Wilson served on committees overseeing credentialing and bylaws. In addition, she oversaw the midwifery service, advocated for full medical staff privileges for associate providers, and advised best practices for nurse practitioners.    

In 2006, Bidgood-Wilson founded Meredith Bay Laser and Skin Care Center serving as Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director until selling the business in 2018. Under her leadership, the business saw an annual growth of 10-15 percent, an outcome credited to her strategic planning, financial management, and the professional development opportunities she fostered for her staff.

Her astute business skills were evident as early as 2000 when she was appointed to the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association. The board, charged with the operation of the association, was responsible for the management of funds, investments, and claims management. In 2014, the investment portfolio exceeded $180 million, the result of wise investment decisions and prudent claims management.

Mary Bidgood-Wilson has been recognized locally and nationally for her groundbreaking work in healthcare. In 2018, New Hampshire Magazine honored her for Excellence in nursing. In 2015, the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioners Association awarded her its Lifetime of Service award. That same year she was recognized as a fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

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