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The full Senate will vote next week on SB 593, the bill prohibiting the use of titles such as “nurse anesthesiologist.”  The Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee voted 5-0 to put the bill in Interim Study.  Interim Study essentially means the bill is put aside and will not move forward. We expect the full Senate will also vote to Interim Study.  If so, another victory for now.  

The New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association will participate in the subcommittee work session on HB 1536, which allows inspection and regulation of prescription drugs by the Board of Pharmacy.  There are a number of issues with HB 1536 for NPs such as the definition of “dispensing” as well as the vague language in the disciplinary section of the bill.  The House Executive Departments and Administration Committee are scheduled to vote on the bill the same day as the work session.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted unanimously to amend SB 522 requiring providers, prior to an initial opioids prescription, to document a verbal acknowledgement from a patient of the risk of addiction and overdose.  The full Senate is expected to vote on the bill at its next session on March 5th.  Odds are it will pass.

In a 12-8 vote, the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee amended HB 1233, a bill about coverage for children’s early intervention services, by changing “physician” to “provider.”  The bill will be voted on by the full House in March. A victory in getting the descriptor change.

March will be busy as crossover is the end of the month. Crossover is when the bills move from the House to the Senate and vice versa prior to heading to the Governor.

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