SB 593 comes to a halt! ... for now!

 SB 593 comes to a halt! ... for now!

SB 593 was "referred to interim study" today which means it will not be heard again this session or be able to move forward. SB 593 would have allowed the Board of Medicine to issue sanctions against persons not licensed by the Board of Medicine who used terminology indicative of medicine (primary care physician, general practitioner, psychiatrist, etc).

The only speakers at the hearing were Sponsors Senator Sherman and Representative Marsh. Although many were signed in from the NH Nurse Anesthetists Association and the NH Nurse Practitioner's Association in opposition and to testify, the Chair quickly advised that based on Sen Sherman's request to have the bill "referred to interim study" there was no need for testimony. Kerry Nolte submitted written testimony to the committee on behalf of the NHNPA. The primary reason for this request is not that he or Rep Marsh don't feel it is a worthwhile bill but rather there are legal proceedings related to a similar executive declaration by the Board of Medicine that will be heard in NH Supreme Court.

We will keep you posted on the results of the Supreme Court case but it is very likely this will be reintroduced in another bill next year.

Thank you to all you sent in comments, stories, and concerns about SB 593!

Thank you to our NHNPA members who attended the hearing today including Pam Rosen, Dan Griffin, Kitty Kidder, and Sean Lyons. Thank you to those who provided advocacy or stories including Doreen Brado, Marylee Verdi, Mary Bidgood-Wilson, Brianna Seaver, Doris Barratt, Jennifer Bobolia, Cynthia Calhoon, Siobhan Benham, Wendy Wright, and Susan Feeney. (Apologies if I missed anyone.)

Kerry Nolte
Government Affairs Chair, NHNPA

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